Ionas Sports SA ( undertakes to protect the personal data of its customers. Under no circumstances shall your personal data be used for the dispatch of unsolicited advertising material. Under no circumstances shall your personal data be disclosed to other entities without your prior consent. The only reason we may collect your personal data is to ensure that our store may provide you with better service. Under no circumstances shall we share your personal data with any third party (article 11, Law 2472/1997). This undertaking may not apply in so far as such specific information may be requested by court order under the Law and by competent authorities.

The reasons we may collect your personal data :

1. You may access your previous and current orders. Also, so that you may receive product updates for product categories which interest you.
2. We can deliver your orders to your address.
3. You can confirm your orders.
4. We can answer any questions you may have pertaining to our products.
5. We may send you special offers and custom-made product updates and information.


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