Withdrawal – Return – Replacement of Products

1 You are entitled to return the products you purchased in case of (a) error in the execution of your order, i.e. in the event that the product you received is not the product you ordered; (b) destruction of the product which can be proven to have been caused as a result of the packaging.

2 In any case, the maximum time limit for the return of products may not exceed ten (10) calendar days from the date of delivery. The product that is being returned must be returned with the original receipt of purchase. The product that is being returned must be in the same condition that it was received by the customer, complete and without any wear and tear, and must be returned with the packaging that came with the product, which must be in excellent condition, together with all documents that came with the product (e.g. Dispatch Note, Invoice, Retail Sale Receipt, etc.). Before returning a product, we suggest you contact Ionas Sports to discuss arrangements. In any case and notwithstanding any other conditions, the return and replacement of any product may only be accepted subject to the following:
•    you contact Ionas Sports by email or via the contact form within two (2) business days from receipt of the product
•    the product has not been used
•    the product is returned with all the accompanying documents substantiating its purchase (e.g. Dispatch Note, Invoice, Retail Sale Receipt, etc.).

3 In the event that products are not returned within ten (10) days, Ionas Sports reserves the right to declined their return.

4 In the event that products are returned damaged or incomplete (with the exception of clause 9.1(b) above), Ionas Sports reserves the right to claim compensation from the customer, where the amount of such compensation shall be subject to the condition of the products that are being returned, and to unilaterally proceed without further notice to set off in whole or in part such claim agains the customer’s account.

5 If the product that is being returned came with a gift on purchase, such gift shall also have to be returned together with its packaging and accompanying documents.

6 When products are returned, provided that such products have been received and examined by Ionas Sports, if a refund is outstanding, Ionas Sports shall see to such refund being effected depending on the method of payment that the customer had selected (e.g. by cancelling the charge to his credit card).


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