Ionas Sports is the electronic store where IONAS BROS SA presents and sells their products on the Internet. Before entering the electronic store and browsing the pages on our website, you are kindly requested to read the following terms and conditions which apply specifically to the use of IONAS BROS SA’s electronic store at the address
Please ensure that you agree with the terms and conditions below as further use and browsing through the webpages of Ionas Sports are subject to your express and unreserved acceptance of and consent with these terms and conditions.
1. Terms of Use
Ionas Sports may unilaterally amend or renew the present terms and conditions for the transactions effected through the electronic store, subject to its requirements and to transaction practices. Ionas Sports undertakes to inform users for any such amendments and changes through the website of the present electronic store.
2. Information provided & Products
Ionas Sports undertakes to provide accurate, valid and complete information at the electronic store, both in terms of the particulars contained therein and in terms of the transactions that may be undertaken through the electronic store. Ionas Sports has made every effort to ensure that the products it provides are shown as accurately as possible, therefor using photographs, descriptions and specific comments. However, on a bona fide basis, Ionas Sports may not assume any liability for any errors (such as, indicatively, printing, numerical, presentation errors) which arise inadvertently in the course of entering electronic data on the store. There may be minor differences in the colour of products. All dimensions are approximate.
3. Limitation of Liability
3.1 Ionas Sports assumes no liability vis-à-vis the customers / users for damages which may arise from the execution or non-execution of their orders (with the exception of clause 9 “Withdrawal – Return  – Replacement of Products”).
3.2 Ionas Sports assumes no liability regarding delivery time in cases of force majeure. Ionas Sports may not warrant the availability of products but undertakes to promptly inform the end user on the non-availability of products.
3.3 Ionas Sports provides the content (e.g., indicatively, information, names, photographs, figures, etc.), products and services provided through the website on an “as is” basis.
3.4 Ionas Sports may not, under any circumstances, be held liable for any claims under the civil code or criminal law or otherwise for any damages (actual, special or consequential which may consist, indicatively and without limitation, alternatively and/or aggregately in the loss of profit, data, loss of opportunity income, pecuniary compensation, etc.) from visitors of the website and/or in case of the non-provision of services and/or information provided by same and/or any non authorized third-party intervention to products and/or services and/or information provided through same.
4. Copyright
4.1 Unless otherwise specified, the entire content of the webpages, including pictures, figures, photographs, designs, texts, services provided and products, are the copyright of IONAS BROS SA protected under the pertinent provisions of Greek Law, European Union Law, and international conventions and agreements.
4.2 Any copying, analogue/digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transfer, downloading, processing, resale, generation of work, misinformation of the public in relation to the actual provider of the Content of the website is prohibited. Any reproduction, republication, uploading, announcement, distribution or transmission or any other use of the Content in any way and by any means for commercial or other purposes may only be allowed subject to prior express written consent by IONAS BROS SA or any other lawful holder of copyright as above.
4.3 The names, pictures, logos, trade marks representing IONAS BROS SA and/or their electronic store Ionas Sports and/or any third parties contracting with same and the products or services thereof are the exclusive logos and trademarks of IONAS BROS SA and/or Ionas Sports and/or any third parties as above and are protected under the Greek Law, European Union Law, and International Law governing trade marks and industrial and intellectual copyright. Under no circumstances may their inclusion and presentation at the electronic store Ionas Sports be considered to amount to a transfer of or granting of or permission for their use.
5. Liability of the User
5.1 Users of Ionas Sports undertake to not use the electronic store Ionas Sports to send, publicize, dispatch by e-mail or transmit in any other way any Content that may be illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, offensive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, in breach of privacy, demonstrating empathy, expressing racial, national or other discrimination, liable to cause harm on the underage in any way, may be restricted from transmission under the law or contractual or conventional or administrative relations (such as confidential, proprietary and classified information obtained or divulged in the course of business relationships or covered under confidentiality agreements), is in breach of any patent, trade mark, trade secret, intellectual copyright or other proprietary right held by third parties, contains software viruses or any other codes, files or programs which have been developed with an aim to interfere with, damage, destroy or load the operation of any computer software or hardware, intentionally or unintentionally breaches the Greek and European Union Law in force and the provisions thereof, may offend any third party in any way, and any Content used for the collection or storage of personal data pertaining to other users.
5.2 Ionas Sports provides links which may allow you to leave the webpages of Ionas Sports and access other websites. The webpages you may visit through these links are not under the control of IONAS BROS SA or of Ionas Sports and IONAS BROS SA and Ionas Sports may therefore accept no liability as to the content of such webpages, any changes introduced thereto, or any links contained therein. Ionas Sports provides these links exclusively for the purpose of facilitating the user without suggesting any endorsement of the website to which the link provides access or of the content therein.
6. Security
6.1 Ionas Sports appreciates the importance of security in terms of your Personal Data and electronic transactions and takes all necessary steps, using the most modern and advanced methods in order to ensure maximum security for you. All information pertaining to your personal data and transactions are secure and confidential. Security in Ionas Sports is accomplished by means of the following;
•    Customer Identification:
There are two codes used for your identification: the User’s Login (e-mail or username) and the Personal Secret Security Code (password); every time you enter them, they allow you access to your personal date in absolute security.
You may choose to change your Personal Secret Security Code as often as you wish. You are the only person that can access your data by means of the codes as above and you are exclusively responsible to preserve them secret and protected from third parties. In case of loss or disclosure you shall have to inform us immediately and in the event that you should not Ionas Sports accepts no liability as to the use of the secret code by any unauthorized party. To ensure maximum security we recommend that you change your password frequently and to refrain from using the same or easily detectable codes (e.g. date of birth).

•    Transaction Confidentiality:
It is understood that full confidentiality shall be preserved. E-commerce is governed by the same principles that govern standard business transactions. All information provided by the user to Ionas Sports shall be treated as confidential and Ionas Sports has taken all necessary steps to ensure that such information shall only be used to the extent that this is deemed necessary in the context of the services being provided. Some of the steps taken in this direction are listed below:
— Only authorized appointees shall be allowed to access the information pertaining to your transactions and only to the extent that this is required, e.g. in order to process your requests.
— Ionas Sports shall not disclose any information pertaining to its customers and their transactions unless it has received their written authorization or unless this is required by court order or a decision of a competent public authority.
— . Whenever Ionas Sports employs the services of third parties to support its systems, if shall see that confidentiality is preserved.
— You may request any data that are kept of you and you may request that they be corrected if you can substantiate the presence of error.
— To ensure optimum security, you are required to handle all information provided through the service as secret and confidential and to not disclose such information to any third party.
— You shall only receive catalogue updates and information literature if you so wish and if you have stated this on subscribing to the site.
6.2 Under no circumstances will Ionas Sports disclose or publicize your personal data and any information you may provide. Any personal data that you may make available to us on subscribing as a member shall exclusively be used in processing your transactions. All information shall be securely maintained.
7. Personal Data Protection
7.1 When you visit the webpages of Ionas Sports, in order to purchase products and in order to allow us to further communicate with you in order to inform you about our new products, you may be asked to provide some personal information (name, occupation, email address, date of birth, etc.). Any such information that you may provide at any instance in the webpages and services of the website of the electronic store Ionas Sports is exclusive intended for the operation of the particular service and may not be used by any third party without compliance with the provisions of Law 2472/97 pertaining to the protection in the processing of personal data as this may be in force.
7.2 The electronic store Ionas Sports operates in accordance with Greek and EU Law and securely maintains your personal data for such time as you may subscribe to any of its services and such data shall be deleted when the transaction relationship terminates for whatever cause. Any personal data that you may provide to the electronic store Ionas Sports shall exclusively be used by same or by other cooperating entities with a view to supporting, promoting and accomplishing the transaction relationship.
7.3 Any data kept on file may be disclosed to the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities upon their legal request or order, subject to the law in force. The Customer is entitled, subject to the law governing the confidentiality in telecommunications, to be informed and to submit his objection as provided for under articles 11 to 13 of Law 2472/1997.
8. Purchase of Products
8.1 At Ionas Sports you may find many works of art including jewellery, microsculpture, paintings, objects d’art, etc.
8.2 In order to facilitate your search, we have divided our products in six main categories; each category has a “tree” of subcategories.
8.3 If you are looking for something specific, you may use the “SEARCH” option which shall direct you to your choice.
8.4 Ionas Sports makes every possible effort to provide high-quality services. However, Ionas Sports may assume no liability for any errors in prices and characteristics of products and may not warrant that there shall be no failures in the operation of the webpage or “human” errors in the course of updating / entering prices and/or descriptions of products.
9. Withdrawal – Return – Replacement of Products
9.1 You are entitled to return the products you purchased in case of (a) error in the execution of your order, i.e. in the event that the product you received is not the product you ordered; (b) destruction of the product which can be proven to have been caused as a result of the packaging.
9.2 In any case, the maximum time limit for the return of products may not exceed ten (10) calendar days from the date of delivery. The product that is being returned must be returned with the original receipt of purchase. The product that is being returned must be in the same condition that it was received by the customer, complete and without any wear and tear, and must be returned with the packaging that came with the product, which must be in excellent condition, together with all documents that came with the product (e.g. Dispatch Note, Invoice, Retail Sale Receipt, etc.). Before returning a product, we suggest you contact Ionas Sports to discuss arrangements. In any case and notwithstanding any other conditions, the return and replacement of any product may only be accepted subject to the following:
•    you contact Ionas Sports by email or via the contact form within two (2) business days from receipt of the product
•    the product has not been used
•    the product is returned with all the accompanying documents substantiating its purchase (e.g. Dispatch Note, Invoice, Retail Sale Receipt, etc.).
9.3 In the event that products are not returned within ten (10) days, Ionas Sports reserves the right to declined their return.
9.4 In the event that products are returned damaged or incomplete (with the exception of clause 9.1(b) above), Ionas Sports reserves the right to claim compensation from the customer, where the amount of such compensation shall be subject to the condition of the products that are being returned, and to unilaterally proceed without further notice to set off in whole or in part such claim agains the customer’s account.
9.5 If the product that is being returned came with a gift on purchase, such gift shall also have to be returned together with its packaging and accompanying documents.
9.6 When products are returned, provided that such products have been received and examined by Ionas Sports, if a refund is outstanding, Ionas Sports shall see to such refund being effected depending on the method of payment that the customer had selected (e.g. by cancelling the charge to his credit card).
10. Cancellation of Order
You may cancel your order while submitting it electronically by clicking on “CANCEL” which is at the bottom of your screen. This will automatically terminate the ordering procedure.
11. Payment Methods
11.1 Payment by Credit Card
Ionas Sports accepts all Visa and Mastercard credit cards.
Your credit card is only charged after the data and validity have been verified. The customer is solely responsible for providing correct, true and accurate data for his credit card.
In order to effect purchases with your credit card, please follow the instructions provided at our electronic store. You will be asked to fill in an order form and provide the number and expiry date of your credit card.
Your payment is cleared through EUROBANK SA and thus your transaction is ensured absolute security.
Some credit cards may allow interest-free installments.
To further ensure maximum security for electronic transactions performed with credit cards, these are carried out via our secure system where an SSL certificate by Thawte is installed . Orders, are covered under the SSL 128-bit Thawte encryption algorithm, the most powerful encryption system currently available worldwide. The card data are not stored anywhere but are only used in the course of checking and charging the card. Thus, all transactions you perform with Ionas Sports using your credit card are absolutely secure.
Ionas Sports does not collect and does not store in any manner the data of your credit card and you will therefore be required to provide them every time you use your credit card for transactions through this site.
11.2  By bank deposit or transfer to bank account:
• EUROBANK: 0026.0043.17.0200155790 (IBAN:GR 1102600430000170200155790) με δικαιούχο την  AΦΟΙ ΙΩΝΑ Ο.Ε
• ΕΘΝΙΚΗ: 13344036655  (IBAN: GR 5901101330000013344036655) με δικαιούχο την  AΦΟΙ ΙΩΝΑ Ο.Ε

If payment is effected by bank deposit or transfer, you would have to send a copy of the deposit slip or bank payment order by FAX to (+30) 210 2845623 or by email to Upon receipt of your FAX or email, your order will be dispatched in accordance with the terms of dispatch contained herein. If we do not receive your FAX or email demonstrating payment of the entire amount of your order within seven (7) days, your order shall be considered cancelled without further notice and Ionas Sports shall be entitled to make the products available to other buyers without proceeding to any other action.
12. Prices
12.1 All prices are inclusive of VAT. If the buyer enters a country sales to which are exclusive of VAT, the corresponding amount shall automatically be deducted and the net amount shall be shown before completion of the order.
12.2 It is the buyer’s exclusive liability to find out it there are any restrictions or limitations provided for by the laws and/or regulations of his country or of the country to which the order is to be dispatched regarding the product(s) on his order.
12.3 The buyer and/or recipient of the order shall fully bear any customs clearance fees or import duties applicable on receipt of his order.
12.4 The Postal Service of each country may open the packaging in order to inspect the content, subject to the laws and regulations in force.
12.5 Ionas Sports may change the prices of any products without being obliged to proceed to any announcement therefore. However, any such price change shall in no way affect orders which have already been submitted.
13. Order – Dispatch or Products – Postage & Packing – Delays
13.1 Completion of Order
Once your order is completed you will see a message confirming receipt of your order together with the respective order code; an email with the details of your order is automatically triggered.
13.2 Dispatch of Order
Your order will be dispatched within two (2) business days through the Hellenic Postal Service in Greece and five (5) days with UPS IN Europe.
13.3 Postage & Packing
Post & Packing charges through the Hellenic Postal Service are (all prices quoted in EURO):
EUROPE: € 25
Please note that the above amounts relate to postage AND packing, with no limitation as to the number of products that may be included in an order.
For orders with delivery in Greece over € 100, the buyer does NOT pay any postage and packing expenses.
13.4 Delays in Orders
Dispatch of your order may be delayed for any one of the following reasons:
•    It is possible that an item may have ceased to be available. In this unlikely case you will be informed by email from Ionas Sports.
•    In cases of extreme weather conditions or strikes, and in cases of force majeure which may affect the dispatch, transportation and/or delivery of your order.
•    In the event that we have not been able to contact you at the contact particulars you have provided, if any problem has arisen with processing your order, e.g. with a product you have selected, the payment, or the dispatch due to incomplete information.

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